Best Color Choices for Small Spaces

Posted February 28, 2018 by RB Painting

Best Color Choices for Small Spaces

The task of coloring a small space is often daunting and making the wrong decision, though not irreversible, puts the room at risk of feeling tight and uncomfortable.

So, what are the best colors for a small space?

While there are definite dos and definite don’ts, keep in mind that truly defining a space also involves the careful consideration of other elements, such as furniture and accessories that are going to complement your color choice.

Don’t Be Afraid to Break Rules

When coloring a small space, you may hear people say, “no dark colors,” “no patterns,” or “white is the only option,” but the truth is that these are largely outdated guidelines that, while probably still safe and effective, have been repeatedly proven wrong.

White Is both Good and Bad

White opens up a room but excessive white combined with a lack of notable furniture is quite honestly a boring place to be. Bright whites also place shadows in the corners, creating a boxed-in feeling that ultimately makes the place feel smaller.

If you want your room to be white, aim for warmer, fluffier whites that are airy and softer on the eyes while at the same time providing clarity.

The Beauty of Dark Colors

Some people would actually argue that smaller rooms absolutely demand darker colors. Covering small spaces in a dark color hides the boundaries and disintegrates the room’s edges, creating an illusory vastness that opens up the room, perhaps even more so than lighter colors.

Coffee-like browns, deep endless blues, and reds that are essentially brown give you a wonderfully intimate living space.

Continue the theme of dark colors throughout and avoid stark contrasting colors that chop and divide the room.

Gray and Blue Combinations

Even the lightest grays are fairly easy on the eyes and certain gray-tinted blues and other combinations of the two colors give your room an expansiveness that’s reminiscent of the sky. Both of these colors, especially when mixed, are extremely calming and warm.

Gentle Yellows and Greens

Going too bright with these colors is a definite no-no but straw-like yellows and creamy greens can be perfect for a small space. They combine perfectly with white and are exceptionally pleasant without being overly fun. Bright yellows and greens are harsh and will likely grow tiresome.

Hazel, Orange, and Alabaster

Hazel offers a level of sophistication and dominance without being too intense; both alabaster and hazel give the illusion of more space.

Orange in the right shade can be a beautiful choice as well, but definitely nothing too bright. Perhaps consider this as an accent color more than a primary choice.

Contrast is typically a good thing but with darker colors especially, you would be better off using the same color for the walls and the trim.

Dark colors make the room feel endless, blue-grays are dreamy, and other gentle colors can be incredibly pleasant. When you are painting a small room, you definitely have more options than you might think.