The Best Tips for Selling Your Home Faster

Posted April 17, 2017 by RB Painting


When putting your home on the market, first impressions will have a major impact on potential buyers.  They may ask vital questions about the quality of local schools, the neighborhood, and inquire about house maintenance. These are minor factors compared to the vibe potential buyers will get when they first step into your home. If you are looking to sell your home within a short period without the extra hassle, it’s important that all décor is attractive and up-to-date.

In today’s real estate market, there is much work that is put into prepping homes for quick sales. The latest trend is realtors hiring home-staging professionals that assist with turning the home into an immaculate showcase. Home-staging does require careful consideration of paint colors.

A home’s color palette is the backdrop for the staging of furniture and decorations. This gives each room their own unique feel. The one frustration that many homeowners have when selling their home is picking the right paint. The wrong paint outside or inside can quickly turn a potential buyer off. Realtors recommend painting your home with neutral colors. Painting your home in neutral colors does not mean that you will be stuck inside of a bland nightmare. There is not a limit on which shades of beige or white are used to freshen up the walls and trimming.

Exterior Paint Colors

When selecting exterior paint colors, remember that some paint colors will clash with the surrounding environment. Sure, it might be a great adventure for you to live in a Pepto-Bismol Pink house but how will the neighbors react? If the buyer is new in the neighborhood, they do not need unnecessary attention. Colors on the exterior of your home should complement the environmental surroundings, as well as, the neighborhood.

Living Room Interior Paint Colors

The best advice for living room paint colors is to combine neutrality and warmth. Warms colors can give the living room an inviting feeling and add more character rather just painting the walls a plain white. Using neutral colors will assure that the wall color will not cause a problem with the potential buyer’s plans for the living room.

Keep in mind that the potential buyer will most likely already have furniture for the home and it will be a hassle for them to repaint the interior or to buy new furniture that accommodates bold colors. Using neutral colors such light gray, muted beiges, and creamy whites is highly recommended for the living room’s interior walls. At some point, the new homeowner may choose to repaint the living room so this is one room where you can add a little flair.

Kitchen Interior Paint Colors

Most potential buyers prefer a bright kitchen so it’s only right to select a bright paint color. This is the room that is full of engagement, memories, and food. Adding brightness to the room can be done by using light colors which causes light to bounce off the walls. Plain white walls can be unappealing and dull. The best paint colors for kitchens are light olive, pale yellow, and warm beiges.

Bedroom Interior Paint Colors

Bedrooms are intended for rest and relaxation.  This is not an area that the potential home buyer will expect to showcase to their guests. Bedrooms have little need for trendy looks. Therefore, the bedroom interior colors should consist of soft, mild tones such as light olives, light yellows, light grays, beiges, and eggshell whites.

Bathroom Interior Paint Colors

Bathrooms should not be painted with bold colors. The best approach is to use interior paint colors that will accentuate space. Most bathrooms are relatively small and this can turn potential buyers away if the bathroom seems small. Warms whites can be used to help make a small bathroom look larger than it really is. Darker colors such as blues, yellows, browns, and deep reds can make the bathroom look severely small.