Color Ideas for a Garage Door

Posted July 28, 2017 by RB Painting

Color ideas for your Garage Door

If you want to paint your garage door, you may have reached an impasse as to what color you should choose. What you do not want to do is pick a hue that is bright or vivid. Doing so may be more of a distraction than an improvement.

Earth-Friendly Tones

You want your garage door’s color to match the paint or siding on the house. If you want some variation in this respect, you need to pick an earth-friendly or neutral tone that will contrast or add to the color already on your house. If you choose a contrasting color that is remarkably different, the only appeal that it may possess is the types of gossip that it will elicit.

So, you need to keep in mind that your garage door should present a color that is uniform and attractive. Some of the colors for garage doors that are popular include gray, soft white, light yellow, or tan. You cannot go wrong with a neutral color selection as it will improve the looks of your property in an understated way.

One of the popular colors for exteriors is pale yellow. Real estate agents find that this color has lots of curb appeal. The color is not only inviting and friendly but it also is, again, downplayed. Therefore, you might say that this type of color has a sunny disposition even on a cloudy day.

How About Dove Gray?

If you want to choose a more earth-toned color, then a dove gray is always appealing. This type of lighter gray goes well with white or even a light blue siding and does not make a dramatic contrast when you add it to a garage door.

If your house is already light blue, you might choose a garage door that is a slightly lighter blue to offer a bit of interest in a subtle way. A darker grey door will go well on a house that features a red brick façade. You might also consider a door that is tan with a house that features red or dark red bricks.

When selecting a garage door color, you might look at a color wheel in order to make a decision. The choice you make will hinge on the color of the garage or the façade and color of the siding of your house. That is why you do not want to make too drastic of a change as you want all the colors to meld together so they look uniform and attractive.

Pick up Some Swatches

If you still cannot decide on a garage door color, go to your hardware store, take some paint swatches home, and look at them in various colors of natural light. By making this move, you can ensure that your door’s color will be just as you envision it when you finally apply the paint to the door.

Think about the colors that rest easy on the eyes and you can more easily short-list your color choices. Again, never pick a color that is too vibrant and flashy. After all, you want to fit in with the colors and patterns of your neighborhood overall. By sticking with neutral or earth-toned colors, you can improve the looks of your garage door with added sophistication.