What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom?

Posted October 21, 2016 by RB Painting

Are you thinking about painting your bedroom? If so, you may already know exactly what color you want. However, you may be stuck between several colors or simply know that you’re tired of the color you currently have. Here are a few different ideas about painting your bedroom that can help you select the perfect color.

Go with Your Favorite Color

Keep it simple and paint the walls your favorite color. You already know you like this color, so there’s no risk of getting the room painted and then deciding you hate it. On the other hand, since this color is your favorite, you may already have used it in your décor. Your sheets, bedspread, artwork, carpet, and other items in the room may contain a good amount of this color. Painting the walls the same or a very similar shade may be a little overpowering.

Be Bold

Are all the rooms in your home painted a plain white or a neutral color such as beige? You may be tired of such bland colors. In that case, go with a bold, bright color. Bold colors will make the walls really pop, and they will bring a vividness to the room that truly makes a statement. Just be aware that some of these bold colors aren’t exactly soothing or conducive to relaxing. A bedroom with bold yellow walls may keep you awake.

Brighten Up the Room

However, if your bedroom has been fairly dark, you may be ready for some bright yellows and other colors that will bring some light into the space. Lighter colors can help compensate for the lack of natural lighting by making the room seem larger and brighter. Darker colors will have the opposite effect and can make a room look smaller than it actually is.

Paint an Accent Wall

An accent wall can help draw attention to a certain space in the room and create an area where two colors interact. Your accent wall should be painted a color that is complementary to the other walls in the room. The two colors should not clash; however, if they’re too similar, the accent wall won’t stand out. Some people choose to do the accent wall in a bold, bright color but do the other three walls in a lighter shade or in a neutral color. This will draw the eye to the accent wall and whatever is hung on it or placed in front of it.

Paint the Ceiling

Many people don’t think of this, but you can paint your ceiling in addition to the walls. It takes more work, but it can add another layer to your room’s overall appearance. Many people paint the ceiling the same color as the walls and then install crown molding to create a visible break between the two spaces. Others use the ceiling as an accent wall or paint it a much lighter color. Remember that a brightly-colored ceiling is going to draw the eye upwards, so be certain that’s the effect you want before you start painting.