Painting Services for General Contractors

RB Painting Company Delivers


RB Painting Company delivers quality, professionalism, and timeliness in every sub-contracted project.  The company will select top grade materials and efficiently deliver their trademark of a multi-layered, expert paint job.  RB Painting will work seamlessly with the schedules and tasks of other sub-contractors, and see the painting contract through — on-schedule — to completion.  Guaranteed.

…[RB Paint Company] has always been very knowledgeable of the products they use and really understand the importance of proper prep work. Their professionalism and understanding of proper methods and order of operations allow them to stand way above most painters in the market today… You will not be disappointed.

- Dobson Homes, Inc. (Contractor)

…Roberto and his crew offer consistent quality, excellent customer service and competitive pricing. As custom home builders we have found that our owners enjoy working with RB and his team… one that is willing to accommodate the demands, finesse, and inevitable changes required by the custom building business. Smith and Robertson can whole heartedly endorse Roberto and RB Painting Company!

- Smith & Robertson, Inc. (Contractor)

…I place a lot of responsibility on the contractors that work for me. My expectations are high and I am on the job and managing the project daily. It is a great pleasure when I find a contractor like Roberto Becerra and R.B. Painting who takes the same pride in his work that I do… I am proud to include Roberto Becerra in the group that I can always call on for my custom building projects.

- Contracting Services, Inc (Contractor)