Increase Energy Efficiency by Winterizing Your Home

Posted January 13, 2017 by RB Painting


This is the time of the year when homeowners and renters are cranking up the heat in their home. Although, their heating energy bills are cranking up, as well. Most people know that caulking windows and using weather stripping on doors can only do so much. Well, the cool crowd does anyway, which includes you because you’re currently reading our home winterizing article.

There is a lot of basic advice when it comes to getting your domain ready for the cold, harsh winter. This includes the information that utility companies will give you to ‘help save money’. But is there other prepping you can do for a cozy and energy-efficient winter?

Here are a few tips that go beyond just caulking the windows in your home:

Identify the Problem

What’s motivating you to winterize your home? Is it the dreaded high-priced utility bills? Are there rooms in the house that aren’t used during the winter? Is there a musty smell in your home? Is the condensation on windows bothering you? The first step to finding motivation to solve any problem is to identify that specific problem and the sources that are causing the problem.

Bring in Professionals if You Are Unsure

Here’s a small lesson in home building, your home is a system. If you aren’t completely certain of how each piece of the house works, don’t try to turn it into a do-it-yourself project. Many people who do attempt a DIY with the best of intentions, end of coming out of their pocket more than they should and can potentially poison their family without realizing the impact of the changes that are made.

As an example, if there is a natural draft water heater in the home’s laundry room, sealing it up can cause a backdraft which can fill the air inside the home with carbon monoxide. To make matters worse, when your family closes bedroom doors and turns in for the night, this is the time for it to most likely happen. Therefore, it’s very important to bring in a certified professional if you’re making significant changes.

Fix All-Big Leaks in the Home

Does it seem like no matter how much you turn up the heat, it’s still cold? There’s more than likely a large hole lingering somewhere in the home. This is where the biggest pressure difference is. If you fix the bigger leaks first, it will stop a large portion of the air leakage.

One of the largest holes in most homes that are older is the chimney. Many of the older fireplaces do not have a damper which can cause a huge amount of air to leak both out and into the home. Chimney balloons are the best for filling these holes which help reduce cold drafts.

This is not a full list of tips but it’s a great start for winterizing your home. We highly recommend that you hire a professional to handle any home maintenance that is beyond your skills. They can inspect your home as a system and can point out things you may have overlooked.

Winter is the perfect time for a new interior paint job! RB Painting in Charlottesville, Virginia can give your home interior a fresh look after winterizing! Call us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation. (434) 825-4271