Painting Interior Walls with Pastel Colors Might be More Genius than You Realize

Posted February 6, 2017 by RB Painting


Modern trends in interior designs have nowadays shifted to favor pastel colors and with good reason. They belong to a family of colors that have a high value and low intermediate saturation that create a soft soothing and desaturated ambiance without a strong chromatic content found in most of the other family of colors.

Who can use pastel colors?

Generally, anyone. Pastel colors look great in any room of any house. They are bright yet still colorful plus they lend a certain element of ambiance and elegance to the overall design. This group of colors tends to reflect light which makes the room brighter not to mention they can be used in any home regardless of the size.

Tips When Using Pastel Colors in your Interior Walls


Breezy Bedroom

It is unnecessary for your bedroom walls to be monochromatic, more so if you have different room elements such as a sitting area or fireplace. With the fireplace adding a nice touch, sky blue walls coupled with a great white trim adds a crisp freshness to your bedroom. If you have a sitting area, painting it in sky blue helps to define this space from the sleeping area. Elements such as architectural molding take tie up all the different elements of the room together when painted in hues of white linen.

Beach Paradise

Whether you reside in a palm tree paradise or you just with that you did, you can bring the beach atmosphere into your room with the correct interior painting designs. Off whites such as creamy gray and pale hues can be balanced with cheery pastels. A blend of aquatic green and sunny yellow on your window walls tends to draw eyes to the stunning view outside. In built curio cabinets and bookshelves get a second glance when you paint the background in sea green pastel colors. Additionally, you can create an element of texture in this room by adding in patterned upholstery and looped carpeting. If you are really going for that beach feel, you want the atmosphere to feel spacious and airy so you`ll need to allow in plenty of natural sunlight. Polished hardwood floors are also a great feature to add since they reflect the natural light.

Vintage Cool

Vintage and pastel colors really blend in well together. A Calderon hue blended with a pale jade green provide the ideal backdrop to the other elements in your room. Throw in a velvet chair, quilted back couch and an oval decorative mirror and you have a beautiful vintage inspired design. Get interior furniture that complement the pastel colors of your walls such as candy pink lampshade and dusky rose curtains.

Beautiful Bathrooms

Bath times are meant to be relaxing so you want some calming colors in your bathroom. For an elegance rarely seen on bathrooms, try grayish blue walls trimmed with decorative white molding. Additionally, you can use subtle pastel colors accents to create a hint of spring. Silver accents reflect the natural light as do other bathroom elements such as opulent mirrors, faucets and the bathtub. Papery window shades are a nice touch too. They allow in the sunlight even when drawn to give you privacy while still letting in light.

Pastel colors are a very flexible option to make any room distinctly beautiful. They easily blend in with each other to create very vivid colors. Additionally, they can be used in any room of any building to translate beautifully into any decor style.

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