How to Retain a Fresh-Looking Paint Job Year Round

Posted December 20, 2016 by RB Painting


When the massive task of your home being repainted is finished, you can relax and enjoy the refreshing vibe in your home. Whether you choose to paint the interior yourself or hire a professional painter, it is a big investment of money and time. To help extend the longevity of the new paint job, use the following tips.

Over a certain amount of time, stains and spots can accumulate on your interior paint. To save yourself a headache from cleaning those spots on your interior walls that are hard to remove, immediate treatment is the best option.

Clean stains and spots. This may sound like a simple technique, but you aren’t always aware of any spots or stains when they appear. Set time aside to thoroughly check high-traffic areas to help locate spots that need a cleaning treatment. These areas include children bedrooms, hallways, staircase walls, and kitchens. We advise homeowners to pay closer attention to areas where pets or children play and where any furniture may touch walls. You can use water and a damp sponge and if a deeper clean is needed, a little bit of dishwashing detergent can be used on the damp sponge.

Look for mold. Mold thrives in warm areas that have high humidity, such as basements and bathrooms. Specials paints are available for purchase that can help prevent mold. If you do spot a wall that has mildew or mold on it, examine the area to help determine how bad the infestation is.  Small portions of mold can be cleaned by using a solution consisting of bleach and water. If the affected area takes up more than nine square feet, a professional should be contacted to assess and remediate the mold or mildew.

The war on fading paint. Typically, homeowners prefer to invest their money in high-quality paints to avoid fading. Most high-quality paints can easily withstand the brightest sunlight without fading. Although, if you cannot positively identify the quality of the paint on your walls, you can fight against color fade by utilizing curtains or shades to block increased amounts of sunlight. For homeowners who prefer sunny rooms, think about adding tint with a UV protectant to your home’s windows  

Exterior paint maintenance checks matter. The maintenance frequency of your home exterior paint job all depends on the type of exterior siding or material that is on your home. Paint will last longer on stucco than it does on the exterior wood trim. If the wood is present on the side of your home, you will need to repaint the exterior of your home more often. If your home is in a milder climate region, paint jobs will typically last longer than the homes that stand against harsher elements. Home exteriors should be repainted every six to ten years.

Quality paint jobs can restore life to your home exterior and interior. If properly maintained, the paint job can last for many years. Follow our tips and keep that paint job looking new.

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