Tips to Help You Paint Your Interior Like a Pro

Posted September 19, 2017 by RB Painting

Tips to Help You Paint Your Interior Like a Pro

Painting a room is one of the fastest ways to make it look fresh and clean. Beginners may think that hiring a professional is the best way to have the job done, but with a little work and some tips and tricks, anyone can paint the interior of their home and have it look fantastic! Read on for some tips to make your next painting project turn out amazing without any of the hassle that you may expect.

Work with Paint Chips and Testers

It may seem like a waste of time and money to buy paint testers, but actually seeing the color on your wall is the best way to know how it will look. Spend some time at the store picking out your favorite colors on paint chips, and then tape them on your wall at home to see which one looks the best. Interior paint can look different depending on the time of day and lighting, so you’ll want to live with the paint chips for a while. When you’ve narrowed down your choice, buy a few paint testers and paint a small portion of your wall to be sure of your final decision.

Prepping Your Space

It’s essential that you take the time to prep your space before painting to avoid any unfortunate spills. Drop cloths can be bought at most big box stores and will make cleaning up messes a breeze.

In addition, take the time to fill any holes in your wall and give your walls a good wash a day or two before you plan to paint. This will remove any dirt or dust that will otherwise get mixed into your paint and cause an uneven surface. If you have peeling paint on your walls or bumpy areas make sure to sand them down.

Trimming Your Interior Walls

Even before you pick up your paint roller you will need to get your interior walls trimmed out. Use a high-quality brush and outline the floor and ceiling of your walls as well as paint the corners of your room. Only when you have gone around all doors, windows, and walls will you be ready to roll the paint.

Rolling the Interior

Rolling your interior walls is really easy once you have prepped the walls and trimmed them. Use enough paint in the pan to be able to saturate the roller without it being too drippy. Always roll in a “W” pattern so that the paint doesn’t dry while you are working. Use medium pressure to make sure that you have enough coverage, as any sun that shines on your interior walls will make it obvious if you have missed a spot.

These tips should help you feel confident the next time you tackle an interior painting project. One of the perks of working inside is being able to be in a climate-controlled environment. Once you have one of your interior rooms painted you will feel confident about freshening up your whole house. There’s nothing like fresh paint to brighten up your interior!