Your Wooden Fence: Should it be Stained or Painted?

Posted May 26, 2017 by RB Painting

Your Wooden Fence: Should it be Stained or Painted?

If the fence surrounding your home is made of wood, it is a must to protect it. Bare wood that doesn’t have either stain or paint on it will simply not last as long as a protected fence because paint and stain protect from wind, rain, snow, sun, and sleet so that the fence can stay strong and attractive for a very long time. If you are unsure whether you should use paint or stain, there are a few things that can help you decide but regardless of which one you choose, it is important to remember that all wooden fences need to be protected from the elements and the best way to do this is to paint or stain them.

Paint versus Stain

It is especially important that your wood fence be either stained or painted if you have children running around because when your fence is protected, it won’t produce splinters that can harm little ones. When it comes to deciding between paint and stain, there is one basic “rule” to consider: use stain on horizontal surfaces such as deck floors and choose paint for vertical surfaces such as deck posts or fences. Deck flooring, in particular, experiences a lot of wear and tear, and after a time, regular paint can chip or fade, which is why using stain on deck flooring is so important. Since there is no foot traffic on a wall or post, deck paint is appropriate. However, whether you are purchasing stain or paint for your deck, it is important to find a product specifically made for decks. Using regular house paint is unlikely to produce the same results, especially in the long run, so choosing products made for decks is better all the way around.

A Few Other Considerations

Of course, when you are considering the best ways to take care of your deck, it is important to consider maintenance costs after the staining, painting, and sealing are done. For stained products, it is recommended that you re-stain and re-seal your deck flooring once a year because the floors usually experience more wear and tear than the vertical products. For painted products such as posts and fences, repainting after five or six years should suffice because these items tend to last much longer between maintenance periods. For all parts of your deck, the maintenance costs should be very reasonable so whether you are choosing your stain color for the flooring or your paint color for the posts and fence, the maintenance costs afterward should be easy to handle.

For wood decks, it is crucial that the wood itself be protected with either stain or paint, mainly to safeguard it from dirt and from the elements. There are even light-colored stains and paints that enable the deck to look more natural in case you want that natural wood look. Paint and stain companies are continuously coming out with more colors and tones with their products so it should be very easy to find a paint or stain that is long-lasting, attractive, and easy to apply.