How to Accent the Brick on Your Home

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July 31, 2018
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How to Accent the Brick on Your Home

Brick walls, facades, and entryways are attractive features in a home. While brick is a durable material, the rest of the exterior of your home may not hold up as well.

If you are considering repainting the shutters, windows, doors, columns, and other exterior elements, you may want to choose a color that accents the brick. Using accents helps bring out the natural beauty of the brick while boosting the overall curb appeal of the property.

Examine the Color of Your Brick

An accent color is a color that is chosen to help draw attention to the base color or to highlight specific elements. When accenting the brick on your home, you want to select a color that works well with the colors found in the brick.

While red is the most common color for brick, the brick is rarely a true red. It is often more of a light reddish-brown or rusty-reddish color. It may even include flecks of other colors in the brick.

Before selecting an accent color, you should take a close look at your brick and try to pick out any other colors that appear.

Decide Which Elements You Want to Paint

The next step in accenting the brick on your home is to decide which elements you want to paint. You may choose to paint the front door, wood trim, shutters, and any other wood elements on the exterior of your property.

You may even choose to paint all the exterior wood surfaces. However, you do not need to select just one accent color. You can select two or three colors. One color may be used to help hide unattractive features while the other colors can be used to help highlight certain architectural elements.

Consider the Color of Your Roofing

Even if you decide to paint all the exterior wood features, there is one structure that you cannot paint. Unless you are planning on getting a new roof, the roof of your home will remain the same color.

When selecting accent colors to highlight the brick, you also need to consider the color of the roof. The colors that you choose need to work with both elements. For example, if you have a light-colored roof, you may want to avoid dark accent colors.

Start Choosing Your Accent Colors

After considering the color of the brick, the roof, and the elements that you want to paint, you can begin selecting the best accent colors.

Blue and gray are often suitable complementary colors for a standard red brick. The shade should be close to the shade of the brick. Cream and sage, tan and brown, or charcoal and a light gray are also great choices for complementing red brick. If your bricks are a gray or bluish color, you may prefer earth tones, oranges, and reds for the accents.

Keep in mind that accent colors do not need to complement the brick. You could also choose white or black to help create more contrast between the gutters, windows, and brick. This is also useful when you want to highlight the lines of your home.

In the end, accenting the brick exterior of your home is not a major challenge. The goal is to find colors that pair well with the brick. Choose colors that closely match the brick to help hide features that you do not like and choose colors that add contrast to or complement the brick to draw more attention to elements.

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