Bathrooms: Tips on Choosing the Right Paint

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Bathrooms: Tips on Choosing the Right Paint

One of the great joys of engaging in interior decorating is being able to bring out beauty in places you never imagined you could find it. Case in point – your bathroom. For many, a bathroom is one of the most straightforward and utilitarian rooms in a home. To a skilled interior designer or savvy home decorating enthusiast, however, a bathroom offers a fresh challenge, and one that can be incredibly satisfying to conquer at that. We all expect living rooms, kitchens, and master bedrooms to get the royal treatment when it comes to interior decorating. To be able to pull off that same level of beautification with your bathroom can thus catapult you into the ranks of interior decorating royalty.

As with any masterpiece, the question of decorating your bathroom begins with the choice of subject material and, of course, paint.

So, which paint colors and options are right for you?

Make a Bright Choice

When setting out to paint your bathroom, you’re going to want to start with a bright color palette. This is due to a variety of factors, not the least of which being that dark colors can add a somber, even dank feeling to a room that doesn’t need that mood at all. What’s more, dark colors can make your bathroom feel more constrictive.

By comparison, bright colors do just the opposite. As light fills your bathroom, it bounces off the brightly-colored walls, making the room feel warmer, more spacious, and thus more welcoming. That said, just because bright colors tend to work better for bathrooms than dark ones doesn’t mean that you should go and use the brightest reds or most neon greens in your bathroom décor. You’ll want to stick to bright yet subdued colors, such as light blues, creams, or eggshells.

Patterning Options

When it comes to painting your bathroom walls, less is often more. If you do wish to add a bit more color and intrigue to your bathroom walls, you may want to consider patterning options. Combining two complementary colors in stunning patterns can make your bathroom décor feel that much more coherent, or even luxurious.

It’s worth noting that, whether you choose to paint your bathroom interior one solid color or otherwise opt for patterning options, you’re going to want to make sure that your walls match the rest of your room. In particular, you ideally want your bathroom tiling, tub, shower, and walls to all blend into or otherwise complement one another.

Waterproofing Considerations

Given all the aesthetic considerations listed above, it’s important to take a moment to note the practical considerations of painting your bathroom. After all, you can apply the loveliest paint job imaginable, but if it starts to run or is literally washed away by the moisture and mist rising from your shower or a few splashes of water here and there, you’ll be less than pleased. As such, you want to make sure that any paint you are using is waterproof and won’t run into problems in a bathroom setting.

All this and more can help you transform your bathroom walls into a thing of beauty.

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