Why a Licensed and Insured Paint Professional Is the Way to Go

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May 17, 2018
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Why A Licensed & Insured Paint Professional is the Way to Go

Maybe you know a guy who knows a guy who’s the most incredible painter the world has ever seen but he isn’t licensed or insured. Maybe you’ve found an independent contractor in the process of building his or her business but who hasn’t quite received all of the official certifications and licenses.

If you are inclined to work with somebody who is neither licensed nor insured, remember the disadvantages and potential risk factors. Understand why licensed and insured professionals are the safest and most appropriate option.

The Importance of Insurance

When your paint professionals have insurance, it protects both them and you.

Imagine a scenario where your painter claims to have sustained an injury from painting your home. Without insurance, your painter will likely choose one of two routes: take the financial hit from medical bills, loss of income, and any other effects of injury or put the blame on you, the homeowner, and you could wind up being held responsible for all of these inconveniences.

Injuries concern workers’ compensation but your painter should also have liability insurance, which will cover you in the event of damaged property. Liability insurance will cover any damages caused by the contractor but without the insurance, there’s no safety net and having your painter come forward and admit fault is far less likely.

When your painter is adequately covered, it dramatically lowers the risk factor for you and it also means that you would avoid any awkward confrontations and stressful situations with your own insurance company.

Where Does a License Come in?

So, why is a license important?

Well, depending on where you are located, a painter may be unable to obtain insurance or workers’ compensation without a license so among other things, the possession of a license may often indicate insurance or, at least, the eligibility for it.

Additionally, a license may affect other things such as an inspector’s work and product warranties. These things may also depend on location but product warranties, for example, are often voided if the work isn’t carried out by licensed professionals. Along the same lines, building inspectors may halt their work if the work isn’t being completed by licensed professionals.

Guaranteeing Success

There appears to be some sort of a negative stigma surrounding unlicensed professionals and the word “unlicensed” in general.

While there is always the chance that working with unlicensed professionals won’t bring about any complications, making that sure your painters are, in fact, licensed simply gives others less of a reason to reject you due to their services. Having a license, if anything, instills confidence in other parties involved, not to mention in you.

The real thing to watch out for is the insurance. Working with uninsured painters is a silly risk to take when there are plenty of insured painters available and if you notice that your painters are unlicensed, you may want to ask them about their insurance and workers’ compensation. Perhaps it may take some extra searching but finding licensed and insured professionals is simply safer for everybody involved.

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