Our Process

Interior and Exterior Painting

Below are descriptions of RB Painting Company’s multi-layered interior and exterior services.  These details aim to keep clients on the same page in planning for the stages of work which may be necessary, from start to finish.  The company strives to make every step as efficient as possible, accommodating other sub-contractors or household activities as part of our professionalism.

General Logistics

  • Our crews typically arrive on-site between 7 and 8 AM, and continue working until 4:30 PM
  • The project specifics determine the number of crew members
  • RB Painting crews clean up at the day’s end, and store painting materials and equipment in a convenient staging area, on-site
  • In residential spaces, furniture may be replaced at the end of a work day, if requested
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Project Details and Communications

An RB Painting Company contract describes/includes the following:

  • The complete scope of work
  • The existing condition of the surfaces in the contract areas
  • A list of materials and products selected
  • A list of prep work necessary and the number of coats and sheen levels to be applied to each surface

Following contract signing, preliminary communications are necessary for the following:

  • Determining a start date
  • Discussing color selections and giving consultation about color selection/matching, when requested
  • Determining the staging area for materials during the contracted project
  • Conveying the work sequence and daily schedule for the project

Multi-layered Painting and Staining Procedures

Preparing surfaces before painting supports the “perfection” of the result.

Interior Painting and Staining Procedures

  • Move furniture to the center of the room/space
  • Cover and protect surfaces not needing paint
  • Fill holes, dents, cracks and imperfections in walls
  • Prime filled or bare surfaces
  • Caulk cracks and gaps in trim
  • Apply paint according to contract specifications

Exterior Painting and Staining Procedures

  • Clear the designated space of movable items
  • High/low pressure wash or hand-wash surfaces, if necessary
  • Remove existing paint which is loose or peeling
  • Inspect area for rotten wood and replace it if an additional work order is placed
  • Prime bare surfaces
  • Caulk cracks and gaps, set popped nails, fill holes, re-glaze windows if necessary
  • Apply paint or stain according to contract specifications
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Project Completion

  • Inspect work using a quality control checklist
  • Touch up minor areas
  • Inspect work with client to ascertain satisfaction
  • Clean the area and replace movable items