Refinish Your Stairs as a Pro Does

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Refinish Your Stairs as a Pro Does

Making sure that your house looks the way you want it to on the inside is important. This is where you’re going to spend a large chunk of your life and you deserve to be happy with how things look. When you have little projects that you’ve been meaning to do around the house, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming when you don’t have the time to handle them. Whether you choose to go with a do-it-yourself route and make the time or you want to hire a professional service, it’s just imperative that you get the work done.

One aspect of your house that likely needs some attention is your stairs. It’s really nice to have a big, beautiful staircase inside of your home. After many years, the finish on these stairs has likely faded and become very worn and old-looking. This is a problem that can be remedied very easily but it will take both time and effort to do so.

Take a look at the different steps involved in refinishing your stairs. This will help you to decide whether you want to try to handle this situation yourself or whether you need to call in the professionals to aid you. It’s always advisable to consider the professional option when you’re a busy individual. Having the knowledge about what goes into refinishing the stairs will give you an appreciation for the work they do.

Stripping the Old Paint

The first thing you need to do is strip the old paint off of the stairs. It’s important to buy the right materials for the job. You’re going to need some chemical paint stripping products and you’ll want to wear a mask while using them. Doing this yourself can be a bit of chore but once you get into the work, it won’t be too onerous.

You should definitely open a window to air out the house. These chemical stripping products can be very smelly and you don’t want to breathe any of that in. Apply the chemical solution to the steps using a worn-down paintbrush. Let it sit for awhile and then you can begin stripping the paint away with a paint scraper.

This is tedious work but it is the most important step towards getting this project completed. You want to be as thorough as possible when stripping the paint off of your steps. Be diligent and eventually you will be able to get all of it. Keep your mask on during this entire process for safety reasons.


The next important step will be sanding the stairs. It shouldn’t take too long to sand everything since you got all of the paint off with the chemical solution. Even so, you need to be thorough with your sanding as well. This will allow all of your stains and paints to apply evenly on the stairs.

Stains, Polyurethane, and Repainting

Once that prep work is done, you can finally start the process of refinishing your stairs. Starting out by applying a good stain is a sensible starting point. If you want to have a nice old-fashioned wood look, then using a stain is your best option. It should take a couple of coats and you’ll likely need to wait up to four hours for one coat to dry.

Polyurethane is another popular option for stairs. The one downside to this is that it takes a very long time for polyurethane to dry. It could be 12 hours or more before it dries, leaving you waiting for a long time. The fumes from this are exceptionally potent as well so this works best when you don’t have to stay in the house during the refinishing process.

Repainting is pretty much what you would expect it to be. As long as you have prepped properly, you should know what to expect when repainting your stairs. Whatever method you decide to use, you should be very happy with the results. The difficulties really come with managing the fumes and waiting for the different finishes to dry.

It’s up to you whether you want to try to take on this task yourself. Hiring a professional painting company can simplify the process and make your life a lot easier. Take into account whether or not you will have the time to dedicate to this job before making your decision. You can either try to refinish your stairs as a pro would or hire an actual professional to get it done more easily.

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