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How to Remove Paint From Tile

Whether you got a little careless or carried away with your paint job or are attempting to fix the mistakes of those who came before you, know that doing so is entirely possible, but the exact method may vary depending on the severity of the issue.

Also, keep in mind the damages that may be incurred to your tile during the removal process and plan accordingly.

Consider How Long the Paint Has Been There

Perhaps you have acquired an old house or have been contracted for a job and have no clue how the paint got there, in which case you could benefit from knowing roughly how old the paint is for two reasons.

First of all, the older paint may be more difficult to remove and would, therefore, demand a more aggressive approach. But also consider that the paint may be lead-based, which would mean you need to wear a facemask and potentially take other protective measures to avoid harmful exposure.

Scraping off the Paint

If you notice that the paint is peeling on its own or appears to be coming off with mild scratching, you may get away with scraping it off.

While using plastic scrapers would be ideal to prevent damaging the tile, they may not be strong enough for the job, which is why you will likely need a metal scraper or razor blade to remove the paint effectively.

You should begin in an inconspicuous area of the room, just to see how your tile holds up against the blade. If you can scrape the paint without harming the glossy finish, it should be safe to complete the job this way. If you notice that the blade is damaging to the tile, you may want to proceed a different way.

Heating the Paint

Heating the paint before scraping could dramatically ease the process and prevent damage to the tile. By using a heat gun or some other air-based heating mechanism, carefully heat the tiles, working in small areas and moving slowly along the wall or floor.

As you heat, occasionally scratch the paint until you notice it begin to scrape off easier than before. You may then proceed by scraping at approximately a 45-degree angle and applying slight pressure.

Using a Paint Remover

If heating and scraping aren’t doing the trick by themselves, a paint remover may be the only viable option, though it requires slightly more preparation and care.

When using a paint remover, you want to make sure the room is well ventilated, and you also want to be sure the paint remover is safe for glazed tiles. Begin by cleaning the tiles and testing the paint remover in a hidden area of the room.

Once applied, you should then be able to scrape the paint easily and completely.

Alternative Methods and Cleaning

People have often claimed to find success by using products such as hair spray or rubbing alcohol to remove paint from their tiles.

Whichever method works for you, make sure that once all paint is removed that the tile is thoroughly wiped and cleaned.

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