Tips on Painting and Decorating Your Home So it Looks More Festive

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Tips on Painting and Decorating Your Home So it Looks More Festive

Do you want your home to take on a more festive vibe during the holidays? If so, you can easily make the transition by colorizing a wall. In fact, colorizing a wall not only improves the ambience but it can easily be done by setting aside time.

Colorizing a Wall

While you will have a lot to do to prep for holiday fun, you can set aside one day to paint your wall or trims for holiday activities. Choose the room where you set up the tree and add a colorful paint in a deep red or hunter green. If the other walls are a neutral shade such as beige or off-white, you will find that the addition of the color is a nice backdrop.

For example, once you add a cheery holiday shade to your one wall, you can set up the Christmas tree and use the colorized wall as the background canvas for decorating your tree. This will enliven your room for the holidays and enhance the looks of the tree.

Include a Flocked Christmas Tree

Adding a flocked tree with gold and red bulbs against a colorized deep red or hunter green wall adds just the right touch for party and holiday entertaining. You can even keep the color on the wall after the holidays by adding just the right touches in decorating accessories. A more neutral tone such as hunter green can enrich the looks of a room after the holidays.

Choose a Shade That You Know You Will Like After the Holidays

If you want to create a cheerier vibe during the holidays, the aforementioned deep red may be one that you prefer. What you choose must work well with your décor after holiday gift-giving if you do not want to repaint the wall.

Refresh the Looks of the Fireplace Mantel with Paint

Some people do not want to boldly change the walls in their homes as it may take up too much time. If you still want to create a holiday vibe but do so more easily, consider painting the fireplace mantel if your home features a fireplace. Freshening the looks of the mantel will inspire you to hang stockings and add trimmings that will underscore a more festive décor.

Maybe your mantel’s paint looks tired and dated. If so, freshen it up with a lighter yet neutral paint in a color that will show off tinsel and decorations to their best advantage. Think about how you want to decorate your mantel. A fresh coat of paint will inspire you to give the ledge a more sophisticated holiday look.

Impress Your Holiday Guests

When making a selection for paint for holiday decorating, think about what you want to achieve by making the modification. Even a small change can enchant your guests as it inspires creativity. Whatever paint colors you add and wherever they are applied will give you just the incentive to create a more festive décor for the holidays. Take a look at your home and where you will spend the most time entertaining. What would you like to change? Paint can work wonders if you want to make a change that is as impressive as it is affordable.

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