What’s Your Home’s Exterior Personality

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August 22, 2018
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What's Your Home's Exterior Personality

When it comes to designing the home of your dreams, it is absolutely crucial for you to make sure that every single aspect fits your personality and sense of style. Your home’s exterior is one of the most important areas for this personalization to come out. Your home is a reflection of who you are and what you love, so it is incredibly important that you make sure it shows off your sense of style and individuality. Different styles have different meanings and express a multitude of priorities and personality quirks. Here are a few different styles that you may want to consider, each of which makes a different statement about who you are as a homeowner, today.

Victorian Homes

Victorian architecture directly refers to homes that were built, or are in the style of what was built, during the period of Queen Victoria’s reign. At this time, people were much more focused on beauty and elegance than they were on functionality, and so many Victorian homes are extremely complicated and decorative. If you’re someone with a flare for the dramatic, this is the perfect style for you. These homes are often over the top with an almost dollhouse-like quality to them, making them the perfect home for people who enjoy showing off.

Spanish Revival

If you’re a Colonial history fanatic, than a Spanish Revival home would definitely suit your personality and style preference. These homes are built based on the architecture found during the time of early Spanish Colonization in Northern and Central America. Known for their white stucco walls, terracotta roof tiles, and stunning handcrafted tile work along the floors, staircases, and fixtures, these homes are perfect for homeowners who appreciate making a statement while still remaining classy and subtle. If you like a cozy and inviting space that fills you with an old-timey charm, this is a great style to go with.

Craftsman Style

If you’re someone who values handmade pieces and dedicated, one of a kind work, then a craftsman style home would be the perfect fit for you. This architectural movement started in response to modernization and a desire to return back to a time that valued the beauty of handcrafted homes. These homes show off exceptionally detailed exteriors, with a massive focus on the stunning front porch. While the inside will embrace simplicity, the outside will show off incredibly ornate preferences, including stone porch piers and foundations. If you’re someone who values personalization and handcrafted works, this is the style for you.


Do you love clean straight lines and value functionality and efficiency over ornate and decorative styles? Do you love simplicity and order in all its forms? If so, then you definitely fit the bill for a modern style homeowner. This particular type of architecture rose to challenge the over-the-top eccentricities of Victorian or Gothic homes by keeping the central focus on order and creating an open feel. These homes are often extremely smooth and minimalistic, as they generally allow the materials to speak for themselves. If your style is more driven towards the future, this is the type of home you’ll thrive in.

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